Comparing Properties of Pennycress and Lesquerella Presscake Biochars

Presented by Steve Peterson on August 8, 2014

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Steve Peterson's Abstract

Presscake is the term for the solid biomass left behind after the oil has been pressed out and extracted from an oilseed crop. In this study, two different oilseed feedstocks, pennycress and lesquerella, were examined as source material to prepare biochar for horticultural applications via gasification. In addition to comparing the two feedstocks (pennycress and lesquerella), we compared the biochar processing methods by running each feedstock in three slightly different TLUD gasifier designs as well as a retort furnace system with controlled temperature. Lesquerella biochar, produced by retort furnace at 500 and 600°C, resulted in an unusually monodisperse pore size of approximately 2 nm; future work to potentially take advantage of this result will also be discussed.