Progress on biochar supercapacitors

Presented by Jiang actually June 2013

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Ultracapacitors (also known as supercapacitors or electric double-layer capacitors) store electricity physically by polarizing an electrolytic solution to store energy electro-statically. This mechanism is highly reversible, and allows them to be charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times. They are very efficient in capturing electricity from regenerative braking and deliver power that enables rapid acceleration in vehicles. Supercapacitors are therefore experiencing rapid annual growth for electric vehicles and energy storage station applications. Decreasing the cost and further improving the capacity of supercapacitors will boost their large-scale deployment. Researchers at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center have systematically investigated a wide range of biochar as supercapacitor electrodes using surface characterizations and electrochemical techniques. They have successfully demonstrated their high performance and high durability at both half-cell and single-cell levels. Their progress suggests that biochar supercapacitors could be a promising technology.