Uptake of PAH compounds by specialty crops grown in biochar amended soils

Presented by Nooker actually June 2013

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Previous studies illustrated that biochars have sorbed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds as well as other organic compounds that could be of potential health concern. The PAH contents of biochars have been highly variable, with no clear understanding of ways to reduce their presence. Sorption of PAH compounds by biochar has been assumed to be strong, and due to limited water solubility, the potential of uptake by specialty crops grown in biochar amended soils were thought to be low. However, in this study, while sorption is still low, the potential exists for uptake and bioaccumulation of the PAH compounds by specialty crops. The uptake of PAH compounds from biochar appears to be controlled by (1) the plant species; (2) the PAH content of the biochar and the original soil; and (3) the native soil organic content.